Russian Mail Order Brides

Successful men want to get the best in life. Therefore, when he is ready for a family, he wants to choose the best wife and is ready to travel around the world to find the right one. Fortunately, it is not necessary to even leave the apartment to get meet a perfect girl. Dating sites are a mixture of social networks and catalogs of brides that make searching easier. But then should a man consider only women in his own country? Of course not.

What about Russian brides? Slavic beauty is considered the most attractive in the world. Any man feels like a real male next to one of these women. Read on to learn more about the advantages of a Russian wife and how to get one of them.

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What are Russian mail-order bride sites?

Despite the fact that many people consider dating agencies to be strange and useless, the number of couples who met each other there regularly grows. Every 10th American man finds a soulmate on one of these services. And most of the gentlemen prefer Russian brides.

Dating sites are catalogs with thousands of girls. It is worth saying that you can’t worry about the reliability of these brides and their profiles as the platforms have a rigid verification system. The convenient match searching system shows only those profiles that fit the client’s requirements. A man has access to the bases for free, but he has to pay to start communicating with one of the hot Russian women. Agencies always offer 3-5 packages of services of different prices from $10 to $100 per month. Anyway, it is cheaper than flying to Russia.

Many are afraid to register on dating sites as they consider it illegal. However, it is allowed in all countries of the world. The platforms offer absolutely honest services and require an appropriate fee for them. It is also completely safe. Sites do not have the right to transfer personal information to third parties. They also guarantee the confidentiality of both men and women. Read the terms and conditions of one of the agencies to ensure this.

Advantages of Russian brides

Russian women are known for their beauty, which is very attractive for Western men. A great example is a Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, which is very popular in America and throughout the world. In addition, Slavic brides become excellent wives because they have all the necessary qualities. Read on and you will understand what we are talking about.

Beauty and appearance

Scientists have proven that the Slavic type of appearance is really the most attractive. Russian brides have delicate and proportional facial features, light eyes and blond or brown hair. Such a woman is always noticeable on the street. Also, Russian girls like to care for their skin so they always look radiant. They adore cosmetology procedures to maintain youth. Besides, surgery is also popular in this country too.

Local girls love sport and make sure that their body is always in the right shape. Russian women have very feminine curves and like to emphasize them with appropriate clothing. They are very confident. Young ladies also take care of their health and prefer healthy foods. They are very skilled in the kitchen and are ready to surprise their husband with new healthy dishes every day.

Russians are not like Europeans and Americans. They love bright clothes that show their personality. Local brides always look sexy and expensive even if it’s not very comfortable. For example, it’s common for a Russian girl to wear a dress and heels to go to the supermarket. They follow fashion and trends. Besides, they always have perfect manicures and hairstyles.

Russian character

First, they are incredibly feminine and tender. This is manifested in how they move, talk, in the decisions they make, etc. For them, man is the leader in the family. They respect their fathers and are looking for men to fully rely on them. However, it’s worth remembering that they require the same attitude towards themselves. They are not just quiet wives. Russian women do not agree to just stay at home, they want to have fun and have an interesting life.

These women have incredibly strong character. They start working very early to gain independence. Many combine study with a job. Slavic girls are very smart and learn fast. They often achieve high career positions very quickly. Local women are not afraid to do hard work and one that requires a lot of responsibility. Russians have a unique mindset different from Europeans and Americans. They see a way out where it seems there is none. Such a wife is a great helper in business affairs.

Russian brides manage to build a career before marriage but are ready to leave it for the sake of a family. They know their main female responsibility is to become a wife and mother. Despite the fact that Russians are very strong people, their girls are very gentle and ready to give their warmth to the husband and children. They like to cook, perform household duties, play with kids, etc. At the same time, they always remember to devote time to themselves and their beloved man.

How we select Russian dating sites

The Internet is full of agencies of different quality levels. Our task is to select the best and explain why. Here are the main criteria that we will definitely check when compiling a list of the best Russian dating sites.

  1. Reputation and reviews. This is the main criterion that allows you to filter dozens of bad and fraudulent sites. We not only read reviews to understand the general opinion about the agency but also check the reliability of the source. Men and women who write reviews should be real people with Facebook accounts and photo evidence of happy families.
  2. Services, their quality, and cost. Most agencies offer the same features and similar prices. However, the quality and responsibility of the platform staff can vary greatly. As you understand, we also evaluate the work of the customer support team.
  3. Russian bride catalog. This is also an important criterion since it is the essence of using such services. We pay attention to the number of brides, their diversity and the absence of repetitive profiles.
  4. Design, interface, and navigation. This is the least significant requirement, but the appearance of the site affects usability. The platform should have easy navigation and attractive design.

Unfortunately, fake dating sites are a big problem in the modern world. These scammers pretend to be agencies, ask for money and give nothing. You must remember that such platforms never ask for a fee for registering or viewing profiles of girls. Therefore, we have prepared a list of proven Russian dating sites that have been providing their services for many years already.

How much does it cost to get a Russian bride?

It’s a mistake to think that you can buy Russian mail order brides. A man must earn the love of a girl just like during a regular relationship. The only thing that costs money is the services of a dating agency, gifts, and trips to meet a girl. Let’s view all the details.

Dating sites require a monthly payment for their services. It is recommended to choose a more expensive package of features in order to make a good impression. Usually, chatting with a bride lasts 2-5 days before meeting in real life. At this time, agencies recommend sending real and virtual gifts for girls. Russian women adore flowers, jewelry and what is presented with love. The cost of surprises is chosen by men, therefore, it’s individual for each case.

The next stage is a date in real life. Making a visa to America for a Russian girl is a complicated procedure, so it’s best for a man to come to Russia. Anyway, top dating sites know how to organize trips in both directions. Trust this task to them. Hotel, gifts, restaurants are extra costs that a man pays. The main thing is to remember that Russians love luxury.

Usually, agencies can calculate the total cost of relations with a Russian bride in advance. The amount reaches $15 000 – $20 000 often. However, a creative and romantic approach can significantly reduce the cost.

What a man should know about Russian mail order brides

Let’s start by deciphering this concept. Don’t consider the “mail-order brides” term so literally. This concept appeared in the 19th century when girls from poor places came to more developed countries to marry a rich man. But modern life has changed everything and only this term has left. Many countries began to show a stable economy in the 20th century. Girls also became more independent and lost the need to marry only because of financial issues.

But why do girls want to date with a foreigner? The reasons can be different and the main is the desire for change and travel. Every bride wants to meet a man who will show her the world. As for Russian ladies, the demographics of their country show that there are more women than men. At the same time, many representatives of the stronger sex are irresponsible and not ready for family life. Wise Slavic beauties consider international marriage an excellent way out.

Do not think that if these brides are interested in marriage, they agree on a relationship with any man. Russian ladies respect themselves and require special treatment. How to win the heart of a girl? Be polite, cheerful and interested in her culture. Russians love their country very much. Buy auto-translator for comfortable communication. Discuss the global, but not local news and events as a woman may not know about them. Be careful with jokes as Russian people have a different sense of humor.