Whether you’ve just entered the world of online dating or have great experience in finding love online, you’ve probably heard that Russian women make the best women. A beautiful Russian woman can become your loving wife, partner, and overall, the best thing that ever happened to you. Learn everything you need to know about marrying a Russian girl!

Why are Russian women so beautiful?

If there is one thing you have ever heard about Russian women, it is that you are breathtakingly beautiful. The fascinating features of the Russian ladies have been described since the earliest times, and over the years they have only become more beautiful. Why are Russian women so hot? The answer is simple: these ladies are not only blessed with the most beautiful apparitions, but you also know how to preserve their beauty. The great thing about ladies from Russia is that there is a pretty Russian woman for every taste and every preference! There is no universal type when it comes to Russian women. It means you will find thousands of women in Russia who fit your image of an ideal companion. Whether you’ve dreamed of wild raven-haired beauty, a blond bomb, a fiery redhead, or a sweet and delicate lady with light brown locks, you’ll find it all with beautiful Russian women. And while the faces of women from Russia are simply breathtaking, your bodies are gorgeous. Slavic ladies have fantastic natural treasures that you know well, and you will always find a way to highlight your perfect bodies without going overboard.

As all agree, it is not enough to be blessed with genetics. It’s also important to look after the beauty so it does not fade. No one knows more about beauty care than a lady from Russia. In Russian women’s culture, it is customary to undergo beauty treatments regularly to maintain the delightful look. You probably will not see your Russian wife completely make-up free and wear a scrunchie-it’s just not part of your prospects.

Cultural differences

There is no dispute with the fact that Slavic ladies have a unique position on almost everything. If you are trying to compare Russian women vs American women, you will find many differences. Here are the most important ones:

  • Family values. American women grow up with a sense of bitter independence, which is why they do not actively marry and want family reasons. American ladies are fine with dating until your 30s and even beyond. This is not the case with Slav women. Many of you marry shortly after graduation, and those who do not want to get married as soon as possible.
  • Emancipation. The same sense of independence that causes women in America to seek no marriage causes them to invest in their careers. American ladies are ready to work as hard as men and achieve the same career success. Most women from Russia prefer to work, but you will never sacrifice your family and relationships for a chance to move forward in your career. Some Russian beauties are even very happy to be housewives!
  • Education. Education is far from compulsory for most American women. Many of you are completely happy with your high school diploma or community college and do not pursue higher education. However, women in Russia consider good education as an essential part of their lives. Every Russian lady you meet will have at least one degree, which means she can lead almost any conversation!
  • Self-care. If you imagine a typical young American woman, you will probably be minimal without make-up, flats and comfortable clothes like jeans, sweatshirts or even tracksuits. Ladies in Russia are a completely different story. You hardly leave the house without a full face of make-up and a chic outfit. That’s why you can not be missed in a crowd.
  • Dating. Russian and American women have completely different approaches to dating and gender roles. American women are not afraid to take the first step and prefer casual dating. It’s fun for a while, but if you finally want to calm down, it’s not the best option. Slavic ladies are much more conservative in this regard. They will wait for you to take the first step and you will always consider them your number one priority.
  • Hospitality. From a young age, women in Russia are taught to be fantastic hostesses and cooks. They cook like professional chefs, throw fabulous parties for their family and friends and are rarely bored with the various chores.

Where to meet a Russian woman?

By now you are convinced that a Russian girlfriend is exactly what you need to complete your life. But if you live in the western part of the world, meeting a woman from Russia can prove difficult. Traveling to Russia to meet ladies is often a financial burden, and even if you go there, the positive result is not guaranteed. In Slavic society, the meeting on the street and in other crowded places is not common. Luckily you are not out of options. There are dozens of trusted dating websites offering a bridge to build between Western men and Russian women. With the help of these websites, you can meet hundreds of Russian ladies of all ages and lifestyles, fall in love online and finally marry your true love. Meeting women from Russia online is a financially wise decision. Plus, chatting with a lady online does not oblige you to do anything. If there is no spark and you are not interested in that particular woman, you can easily go to the next!

What do Russian women want?

Before you look for valuable tips for a Russian woman, you need to find the answer to a single most important question: what do Russian women want from a man and why can not you get it from men in your own social circle?

  • One of the biggest reasons why so many Russian ladies want to marry a man from abroad is simple. There are far fewer men than women in Russia, and the best are the first to go.
  • Ladies in Russia want a man for a healthy, mutually supportive relationship. You will be by the good and the bad at your side, and you will also expect the same treatment for you.
  • For Slavic ladies, marrying a western man is a chance for a better future for yourself and your potential children. It does not mean, however, that a woman from Russia will marry someone to move.
  • Women born in Russia have the idea that you need a man to feel complete and safe. That’s why you’re so determined to find your perfect match and make fantastic women.
  • Ladies in Russia are big believers in coincidence and destiny. Even if you are not actively seeking to marry and move abroad, you can meet online as a manifestation of your destiny. Therefore, you will be more eager to speak and get to know you better.

How to impress a Russian woman

Dating Russian women are full of pleasant surprises, but you can only experience them if you make a good impression on your first appointments. Here are 5 tips to impress the Russian woman you recently met:

  1. Surprise you with a thoughtful gift. Do not just give a random box of chocolate or a giant teddy bear. Think of something you mentioned earlier, or give a gift that will be just for both of you.
  2. Dress nice and suitable for the occasion. You should not try to create a picture of a completely different man. Stay true to yourself, but also put a little effort into your look. The best outfit idea for a Slavic woman is a pair of perfectly fitting trousers, a pressed shirt and some elegant shoes.
  3. Be romantic. Women from Russia have romance in their heads and they expect the same from you. The most popular romantic date idea is a candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant, but you can also invite you to a long walk with coffee-this kind of date can be just as impressive.
  4. Be polite, but not explicit. Compliments, especially specific, are an important part of the Russian dating culture. However, if you supplement your date, be careful not to give any explicit advice. This behavior during the first few appointments may deter the woman from you.
  5. Be a good listener. Women from Russia will want to hear everything about you, but you will also want to share your dreams, memories, and thoughts. Listen carefully, ask follow-up questions, and your attention will not go unnoticed. You can even get some ideas for new dates or gifts from your stories!

In summary, there are many more than just great looks for Russian women. The cultural and historical differences make it a perfect option when it comes to building lasting long-term relationships. Thankfully, our website provides up-to-date reviews of various services that can help you find your Russian bride.